BetConix, BNIX token and the IEO of a next-generation platform

Andrey Plat
3 min readFeb 18, 2021
BetConix, BNIX token and the IEO of a next-generation platform

The end of 2020 and the start of 2021 were
a watershed for the cryptocurrency market and blockchain projects, convincing
even skeptics to believe in the future of the cryptocurrency market.

The blockchain market saw the launch of a new project:
Czech cryptocurrency exchange BetConix.

The BetConix cryptocurrency exchange

BetConix announced its cryptocurrency exchange as an
open platform operating within the jurisdiction of the European Union.

The exchange’s transparency policy is a way for users
to interact with both the support service and the company’s top management

New projects

Along with the launch of the BetConix cryptocurrency
exchange, the following projects were also announced:

The exchange’s BNIX token was issued, and the token’s IEO launched.A platform for conducting IEO projects to provide an e-voting
system for users and speculative trading of BNIX tokens is preparing to
launch.A platform for issuing tokenized assets by non-crypto companies is
slated to launch.A cryptocurrency trading bot with access to margin trading will
also be set in motion.

Bonuses for users

A number of additional bonuses will be offered to
token holders participating in BNIX’s IEO.

Commission fees are 0%.Reduced commission fees on margin loans.Priority access to trading new tokens listed on the platform to the IEO platform with an exclusive discount.Raised referral payout rates.

roadmap and status information

Today, our project is developing on schedule according
to the plan outlined in the roadmap.

BetCconix is already fully functional and available to

The IEO BNIX token project is ahead of the curve, with
more than 65,000 users joining the project in January 2021 alone.

Project roadmap and status information

After the IEO completion of the BNIX token, token
trading will begin with the following currency pairs: BNIX\USDT, BNIX\BTC,

An additional listing of the BNIX token is also
planned to be on two more trading platforms.

By Jan. 31, 2021, bids for conducting the IEO on the
BetConix platform had been received from three projects, which are currently
being audited.

Detailed information is available in the project’s
white paper on our official website.

If you have any questions about the project that we
haven’t covered, or you think there is a need to add more options to our
platform, please, write to us. We are always happy to answer our customers.

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BetConix’s CEO:

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