Betconix BNIXGold bonds, Facebook and Tesla shares, commodity assets — How cryptocurrency conquers the stock market.

Andrey Plat
3 min readJun 7, 2021

Tokenized securities (stock tokens) are actually analogous to standard securities, stocks, bonds, etc.

They give their owner the right of ownership, in some cases, the right to receive dividends, and can also bring investment income.

Tokenized shares.

Tokenized shares are analogous to standard shares that are sold and bought for the purpose of obtaining speculative profits.

Perhaps the main difference is that thanks to the blockchain, you can invest in stocks without a broker and with a minimum amount on your account.

One of the disadvantages of investing in a long-term is that these assets in most cases need to be stored on the exchange wallet, however, I think this is a plus, as well as the fact that you do not receive dividends.

In general, an interesting tool thanks to which you can buy shares even of companies such as Facebook.

Today, access to tokenized shares is provided by the FTX, Bittrex, Currency and other exchanges.

At the same time, the market clearly has a trend towards these assets, so in April, Binance announced the sale of Tesla shares, and a couple of weeks ago, Betconix announced the development of a platform for trading shares and conducting STO.

Tokenized Bonds (Bonds).
Tokenized Bonds (Bonds) — This type of tokenized securities can also be freely traded on crypto exchanges.

The main difference from tokenized shares is that the value of some bonds is unchanged, they are not traded on the stock exchange because there is no difference in price and there can be no speculative income.

But as a rule, these tokenized bonds bring income to their holders, in fact, it is an investment tool that companies issue together with hedge funds.
For example, the sensational crypto bonds BNIXGold and BNIXSilver, which have a constant price and are not traded on the market, but give holders the right to receive dividends at a progressive interest rate, and the opportunity to exchange them for another cryptocurrency at any time.

In general, tokenized bonds are more of an investment tool than a speculative one.

The market has offered a new type of NFT tokens, and many companies have announced the issue of bonds using non-interchangeable tokens.
One of the first crypto bonds was issued by the EuropeanGN Betconix ST LLC, as well as the release of FTX, Bitfinex and others was announced.

At the same time, it should be understood that the main liquidity of crypto bonds is provided not only by the exchange but by the hedge funds participating in the issue, the exchange here is a platform connecting users and hedge funds.

For companies and funds, this is a great tool that allows you to work directly with both large and small investors directly without intermediaries.

For users, this is another reliable and highly profitable tool in the crypto market with minimal risks.

Tokenized commodity assets.

Tokenized commodity assets are, by and large, analogous to the purchase of futures for gold, silver, oil and other resources.

They are exclusively a trading instrument, of course, no dividends are provided.

In general, we can say that cryptocurrency and blockchain have already become an inseparable part of the financial markets.

The integration of cryptocurrencies into the financial market, and into the world as a whole, takes place at maximum speed.

Whether this is good or bad, time will tell.

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