Bitcoin drops — altcoins take the stage? How do traders make X100 and more?

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Bitcoin drops — altcoins take the stage? How do traders make X100 and more? The IRS principle (Profits/Risks/Retention).

How easy it was to earn money when the market’s engines skyrocketed pulling the entire market.

But good things never last…

What should traders do in a falling market?

1. Go to a bear and play short.

2. Go to fiat.

3. Look for an alternative with minimal risks and large profits.

The first option is fine, but! It is the falling market where crypto whales begin to earn and rock the market back and forth, knocking out medium and small traders’ orders.

The second option is not bad except for one thing — it’s not profitable.

The third option entails risks at all events.

So, what to do? Combine them wisely!

If your deposit is enough, you are welcome to go to the institutional investors and save some of the funds in the BTC, ETH and other engine tokens to make a long-term investment. But be careful and choose the entry points wisely.

Fixing the part of the profit in Fiat or USDT is a good practice.

Today, we will talk about those alternative tokens with which you can boost profits by trading with a relatively small deposit at the right time.

We will analyze the altcoins against three criteria.

1. Project

2. Profits

3. Risks

Today, we will look at three promising projects and their tokens.

1. STC (Student Coin)

2. BNIX (the BETCONIX crypto exchange).

3. ARDX (ArdCoin).

4. DogeCoin.

1. STC (Student Coin)

To visit the website of the promising crypto project of April 2021, go to

It’s a promising project that offers an infrastructure for crypto startups.

The project’s ICO has been successfully conducted not a long time ago, and the token is already represented on different exchanges.

The token price went up by 70% and at the moment is marking a small stagnation.

The token is worth buying once after the information about the listing is provided on the relevant exchange or the launch of the platform is announced. When purchased at the right point of entry, it can bring a profit of up to 70%.

The token is well-handled by a strong team. The project has successfully conducted the IEO. The probability of the scam is low.

2. BNIX (the BETCONIX crypto exchange)

To visit the website of the promising crypto project of April 2021, go to

The project has the ready-made BETCONIX crypto exchange platform.

The exchange has just successfully conducted the IEO, and now BNIX is available for trading and exchanging.

The token price went up on average by 200–240%, while the trading process is speculation without swaying by giving information. The price confidently breaks through the build “walls” and stops high above them.

It is definitely worth buying once after the listing is announced on any exchange. According to BETCONIX, they plan to get listed on BitForex in May.

The BNIX token is in the May 2021 profitable tokens and April 2021 the most promising tokens lists.

In addition to X100, it features in that it can be considered as a long-term investment. The exchange had fulfilled all the roadmap plans presented at the IEO a year ahead of schedule and has already announced plans for further development. Moreover, the exchange has already launched the Betconix Launchpad, a platform for crypto startups similar to the Binance Launchpad, where, in particular, it is possible to conduct the IEO or listing.

The probability of the scam is very unlikely — the crypto exchange has a license and is legally responsible.

3. ARDX (ArdCoin).

To visit the website of the promising crypto project of April 2021, go to

It’s an interesting project representing a super wallet with many options.

The project is worth considering for the future. Here it’s added because of the upcoming listing on Bittrex. Given that its market price is now stagnating, once after the listing the growth will be likely foreseen while trading when you can easily make a profit of 100–110%.

The project has been developing by a good team since 2018. The probability of the scam is low.

Unfortunately, the plans of the project are not clear, so it is difficult to tell about its future outcomes.

4. DogeCoin.

To visit the website of the promising crypto project of April 2021, go to

Yes, we know. We couldn’t help but mention the token which already claims to be ranked rather with engines than altcoins. The reason why this token is specified is that it is very volatile and sensitive to the news.

In this case, the strategy is simple — all you need is to monitor news and prices, and as you see the growth by 10–20%, sell it and make your profit of 80% and more.

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The probability of the scam is low.

In conclusion,

I would probably add a little info about the long-term investments.

April and May 2021 mark the fall of the Binance token (BNB) amid bad news from the US Internal Revenue Service. It can be the reason for someone to start selling it.

For example, after relocating the headquarters from the Czech Republic to Estonia, the BETCONIX cryptocurrency exchange, at first, lost 27% of the token value due to the news, and three days later the token price did not only recover but also went up by 47%.

But, come to think of it, even if Binance leaves the US physically, how long does it take Binance to raise the price of BNB, and the answer is obvious.

Well, some will sell, and some will buy. Some will find, and some will lose…

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