Plastic cards for BETCONIX cryptocurrencies. How to make a profit from the first day of the order

Andrey Plat
3 min readJun 10, 2021

Dear users!

We are pleased to announce a new option, BETCONIX plastic cards.

There are two types of card.

πŸ’³ A plastic card with the possibility of contactless payment.

πŸ’³ Virtual card with connectivity with the ability to connect to a mobile phone with an NFC payment system.

These cards allow users to:

βœ… Withdraw cash from ATMs in different countries of the world.

βœ… Pay in stores and all retail chains.

βœ… Conduct transactions and payments on the Internet

βœ… Perform online exchange and conversion of cryptocurrency to EUR, USD, RUR or other currency.

βœ… A personal IBAN account will be opened for each user for free in (bonus).

The cost of servicing the card.

οƒ˜ Monthly card maintenance fee 2 €

οƒ˜ Annual card fee 0 €

οƒ˜ Card issuance fee 20 €

οƒ˜ Card renewal fee 0 €

οƒ˜ Card replacement fee 20 €

οƒ˜ Duplicate card fee 0 €

οƒ˜ Offline purchase 0%

οƒ˜ Online purchase 0%

οƒ˜ ATM cash withdrawal fee (in euros within SEPA) 2%, minimum 3 euros

οƒ˜ ATM cash withdrawal fee (in euros within non-SEPA limits) 3%, minimum 5 euros

οƒ˜ Express delivery by card: 80 €

οƒ˜ Request a balance at an ATM 3 €

οƒ˜ Currency margin 2.00%

οƒ˜ Card closure 10 €


Already available for BETCONIX users.

Pre-order card: This option allows you not only to get a card without paying BETCONIX commissions. But this method allows you to earn income while waiting for the card and make a profit before waiting for the card.

Pre-ordered cards are sent to users first

πŸ’Ž To pre-order the card, you need to:

πŸ”ΈFreeze the funds in the BNIXSILVER\USDT deposit in the amount of.

For pre-ordering a plastic card 2 BNIXSilver, for a virtual card 1 BNIXSilver.r.

πŸ”Έ Send a request to support@betconix.

πŸ”Έ Until you receive the card, you will receive income in the form of interest on the deposit. Read more here

πŸ”Έ After receiving the card, you can unfreeze the funds in your account in full, as well as receive interest if you have not withdrawn them before.

Bet Betconix commission is not paid, the integration of cryptocurrency accounts is free of charge.


This option is available to users in the second place, after sending the cards ordered by pre-orders. Before ordering the card, the user pays a commission for issuing the card and integrating cryptocurrency accounts with the Master Card payment system in the amount of 80 USD.

πŸ’Ž To order a card, you need to:

πŸ”Έ wait for the announcement of the opening of the opportunity to order plastic cards (it will be available after sending the pre-ordered cards).

πŸ”Έ Send a request to support@betconix.

Follow the instructions given in the message.

πŸ”Έ Pay the commission for the integration of accounts and the issue of the card, in the amount of.

For a plastic card 80 USD, for a virtual card 50 USD

πŸ”Έ Wait and get the card.

The cards are available in all countries except those listed as prohibited in the AML on the BETCONIX website.

In late June-early July, the cards will be sent to the countries of the European Union

It is planned to send the cards to other countries by the end of July and the beginning of August. At the moment, we conclude agreements with partner banks that will be able to provide users with operational support in their country.


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